St. George's Clean Green Program

You can feel better about yourself and the environment by joining the City of St. George's Clean Green Power Program. This program allows both residential and commercial consumers to receive some of their power from renewable energy sources. Utilizing this program will allow you to help effect a change in the environment by lowering your greenhouse gas emissions and conserving fossil fuels.

St. George supports solar and low impact hydropower sources. Hydropower is provided by the city-owned Pine Valley hydro project, Jordonelle Hydro Facility and the Colorado River Storage Project

Typically, renewable energy sources are more expensive to build than other sources of power, most commonly coal or natural gas. However, the revenue from this program will allow further development and research for other renewable sources.

With this program, you would pay $2.95 more per month for each 100kWh block of power. This translates to a cost change for residents from $.0671/kWh to $.0966/kWh.

For more information or an application to the program, visit:

Dixie Escalante Electric's GreenWay Program

Dixie Escalante Electric offers the GreenWay Program to its customers who are interested in "green" power. We've made signing up for the program easy.

By choosing this program, you can support renewable energy technologies (mainly wind, solar, biomass, geothermal), based on percentages of your total power usage. Some people consider it their way of thinking about the environment, but to us, it's simply providing options to our customers.

By participating in this program, "green" power will be produced somewhere on the Western power grid in an amount of power exactly equivalent to the "green" power block you purchase from Dixie Escalante. The premium you pay supports the costs of renewable generation, which are typically higher than conventional generation.

The "green" power purchased by Dixie Escalante Electric customers can come from a wide array of renewable sources: a biomass project that produces energy from biological waste materials located in the Western United States, one or more wind projects in the upper Midwest owned by a wholesale electric cooperative, geothermal projects in Nevada, or small hydroelectric project in the Northwest. The renewable pedigree of the power purchased is documented through the transfer to Dixie's wholesale supplier of renewable energy certificates or "RECs" from the project owner.

GreenWay power is sold in 300 kWh blocks and you are billed on a monthly basis, as part of your regular power bill. Each 300 kWh block is priced at $6.00. For example, if you purchase 2 blocks, the price would be $12.00, and this amount would be added to your power bill.

Interested members can call one of Dixie's offices at 435-673-3297 in St. George or (435) 439-5311 in the Beryl area to obtain an application form. If you have additional questions, call LaDel Laub at the Beryl office.